CABP psychotherapists offer psychotherapy for individuals who feel in need of help as well as those who want to deepen their self-understanding and their capacity for fulfillment and participation in life.


Why Psychotherapy?

You may be seeking help for any variety of reasons, whether it is a long term problem that just does not seem to improve, or an immediate crisis that is causing you distress. You may feel overwhelmed by emotions or physical symptoms, or, rather, experience life as empty of either meaning or vividness.
You may have a very clear idea of what you want to get from therapy or you may know nothing more than that you want some sort of independent help or support.
Whatever you may be struggling with, a Body Psychotherapist will try to address these on all levels of your being, body, emotion, mind and spirit, recognising that many psychological problems have immediate correlations in the body: anxiety and panic attacks, sexual or eating problems, addictions, overwhelming feelings or depression. It is worth taking into account that pre- and non-verbal communication constitutes 93% of human interaction. This is true for relating to others as well as relating to your self.
As in all kinds of other counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches, you can expect your therapist to be a sympathetically listening professional, providing an empathic, non-judgmental presence, and a confidential space, giving you the opportunity to be and talk and reflect and experiment outside the pressures of ordinary life and social duties.


How to choose your Body Psychotherapist?

For most people, the most important consideration is to have a psychotherapist within reasonably easy travelling distance, so they might want to run a geographical search. Additional considerations might be: man or woman, more junior or more senior (which has, among other things, financial implications), therapist who uses hands-on work or not. It is fine to contact several potential therapists and see which one feels most comfortable.
By searching our directory you can find an appropriate practitioner.  Many of our members embody rich backgrounds incorporating several modalities and theoretical orientations enabling them to support you in a professional way.
By choosing the title Therapist in the drop down menu you will be able to select a CABP Psychotherapist appropriate for you.

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