as listed in the Articles of Association:

To promote dialogue and the exchange of professional information among the Members to further their intellectual, scientific, creative and special knowledge and practice.

To constitute the necessary supportive and self-monitoring network of body psychotherapy practitioners, and to provide structures and resources to assist them in maintaining standards of practice as well as supporting their continuing development.

To constitute an accrediting and re-accrediting organisation for body psychotherapy practitioners in the terms of current standards of best practice and to establish a register of accredited CABP psychotherapists and supervisors.

To act as an agency dedicated to promoting and maintaining the professional standards of their practice for the benefit of the general public and to being held publicly accountable for such maintenance of standards.

To provide a forum for communication, co-operation and interaction with other professional bodies active in the field of psychotherapy.

To provide opportunities for members to discuss theoretical and clinical issues and to make publications of clinical and theoretical papers in appropriate professional journals.

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