Facilitator: Merete Holm-Brantbjerg

A new workshop in our CPD series.


This workshop presents psychomotor development phases practically. 
Psychomotor movements from developmental phases are connected to specific muscles in the adult body through precise exercises - and through that, emotional and cognitive material awakens.

The workshop will focus on how knowledge about psychomotor movement-patterns can be used to:

  • support presence and resonance with oneself and with others
  • be a source of nurturing in everyday life
  • support regulation of one's own and other's inner states
  • cope with transitions

How do you for example experience yourself, if you push off with the 4 small toes when you walk - or you push off primarily with the big toes? Do you access different parts of yourself - different resources - different challenges? In which situations in your life could these potential resources make a difference for you? Or what difference could it make, if you, in general, stayed in contact with the specific resources?
What happens in you, when you move lying on the floor, letting the whole surface of your body explore contact with the ground? Do you experience that as resourcing - or do you prefer sitting or standing movement? What resources and challenges awaken in you with the different movement-styles? 

Sensory-based knowledge about movement-patterns from different developmental phases builds a differentiated sounding board in the body and the personality. A sounding board, that supports the ability to recognise, own and contain states from different levels of the personality connected to different developmental phases - both in yourself and in others.
This is the essence of what this workshop want to bring forward.

For whom can this workshop be interesting?

The material in the workshop awakens many sensations, emotions, experiences and thoughts. It is a prerequisite that you already have some training in body-sensing, dosing and coping with emotions - either through participation in previous workshops in Relational Trauma-therapy or through other types of training.
Professionals who work with therapy, counselling, teaching can get personal and professional inspiration both related to your own role and to understanding and meeting clients/students/patients.

Date:  Friday 5, Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October 2018

Times:  Friday 11:30am to 7:00pm, Saturday 11:00am to 7:00pm & Sunday 9:30am to 5:30pm

Venue:  St.Mary Abbots Centre, Vicarage Gate, London, W8 4HN    (location)

The fee for this course is £320.

Registering online by 5 September 2018.  By booking you are entering into a contract with CABP to pay for your place even if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending. If the workshop is cancelled we will refund your payment.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg is the creator of "Moaiku" - derived from “Motoric Haiku”, a psychotherapeutic skill training that is focused on: simplicity, repetition, precise individual dosing, and a 'here and now' presence. She is also co-creator of Bodynamic Analysis – a member of European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and Psykoterapeutforeningen. Merete specializes in resource-oriented skill training as a psychotherapeutic method – applying it to both personality development and trauma healing. http://www.moaiku.com

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